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Rapid City, S.D. - The annual ADA Americans with Disabilities Act, Celebrating 25 years this year, will be holding their annual picnic July 24th from 11 am until 2pm at the Outdoor Campus West located at 4130 Adventure. This is in celebrating and recognizing the strides the American with disabilities act has made since 1990. There will be hands on exhibits, free food, entertainment and lots of fun.

The outdoor campus in Rapid City was built to be accessible for people with disabilities and is an example of what can be accomplished. There are many nature trails that are ADA accessible as well. This 25th anniversary of the enactment of Americans with Disabilities Act was a civil right for people with disabilities, through the ADA picnic we can bring attention to the law and how many people it has helped throughout our area.

The free picnic is open to people with disabilities, service providers and agencies the work with individuals with disabilities to include them in everyday living. There are almost 20,000 people with disabilities in the Rapid City area, 25 years ago many of these individuals would not have been able to attend, but with transportation, ramps, and many other accommodations their lives have improved. We still have a long way to go however, but with the latest technologies available, and continued work complying with ADA guidelines, people with disabilities are finding employment and living life to its fullest potential.

Come and celebrate with us at the Outdoor Campus!


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Community Events

Annual ADA Picnic
July 24, 2015
Outdoor Campus West
(Vendor booths available for $100)